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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Healthy Homemade Nutella

You may end up eating the whole jar of this homemade hazelnut chocolate butter. Yes, it's that good. It must be time for hazelnut-chocolate goodness because I was going to make a hazelnut chocolate torte. Then my oven broke. But I was holding hazelnuts in my hand. Then... BAM! It hit me: I needed to make Nutella! A homemade Nutella using nothing artificial and using only four ingredients; a treat that only takes five minutes to make.
The making was all going so perfectly until... I was only half way done grinding the hazelnuts, then my food processor went out! (Our house has been having electrical issues.) That explains why the Nutella in the picture looks so grainy. Well, it all tasted wonderful, anyways, and this is a fun and easy treat to make at home! The best part about it? You can eat it on everything!


2 cups hazelnuts*
3/4-1 cup coconut milk (depending on desired richness of the Nutella)

1/4 cup maple syrup
3 Tbs cacao powder


1. Pulse the hazelnuts and 3/4 cup coconut milk in a food processor until it forms a hazelnut butter.
2. Pulse in the maple syrup and cacao powder, then, if desired, add more coconut milk.

3. Process until your Nutella forms a smooth and creamy consistency.  

*If you don't want any hazelnut skins in your Nutella, you can blanch them by roasting them, or you can just keep the skins, like I did. The hazelnuts I bought came roasted, so most of the skins were already off, so I recommend buying roasted hazelnuts. If yours have skins, this may help: How to Skin Hazelnuts

I store my homemade Nutella in a Mason jar in the fridge, then take it out 10 minutes before using it, for easy spreading.

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